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Meguiar's Ultimate Headlight Restoration Kit

  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: This headlight lens cleaner and protectant kit removes mild to heavy yellowing, oxidation, and neglected clear plastic headlights while restoring clarity with ease
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION: After removing yellowing and oxidation with the 2 grades of sanding paper in this headlight cleaning kit, Meguiar’s Ultimate Headlight Sealant is a headlight lens sealant that contains UV protection that dries crystal clear and delive
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR HEADLIGHTS: The wipes included in this headlight polishing kit make it easy to bring up clarity and protect after using the included sandpaper. After wiping on, the Ultimate Headlight Sealant dries completely clear and enhances visibility &
  • EASY APPLICATION: Our car headlight cleaner kit uses 1000 grit and 3000 grit sandpaper to quickly remove yellowing and cloudiness. Follow with the pre-saturated wipes that seal and protect against reoxidation for up to 18 + months with an easy application
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED: This headlight lens repair kit utilizes two grades of sanding discs and pre-saturated wipes allowing anyone to restore their headlights to clarity and ceramic coat for lasting protection. No power tools or machines needed
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If you have plastic headlights that don’t look as clear as they should, what do you do? Replacing the headlights can be expensive, and depending on the make, model, and age of your vehicle, they can be hard to find. This is where a quality headlight kit can make all the difference.

Meguiar's Ultimate Headlight Restoration Kit removes oxidation, cloudiness, and yellowing while delivering a crystal-clear finish to restore clear plastic headlights. This premium headlight lens restoration kit includes everything you need to get professional results without needing a drill or power tools. Included in the headlight cleaning kit, you get two different grades of sanding discs that work quickly and thoroughly to remove oxidation and prep the surface for the next step. The easy grip pad delivers comfort and control, providing a pleasant sanding experience. Finalize the process with the Ultimate Headlight Sealant that dries clear and leaves behind extreme durability and UV protection. Meguiar's proprietary sealant contains ceramic coating technology that prevents re-oxidation for 18+ months! This headlight lens restoration kit from Meguiar’s makes it easy for anyone to achieve amazing results quickly and easily in comfort of their garage.

The kit includes two two grades of sanding discs (1000 grit and 3000 grit), an easy grip pad, two headlight sealant wipes, and one single-use glove to keep your hands clean

Manufacturer Meguiar's
Product Line Ultimate
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