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Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating, 8 oz.

  • ULTRA-DURABLE PROTECTION: Borrowing from professional technology, this advanced formula is a premium ceramic coating for cars that delivers ultra-durable protection with increased gloss and slickness. Get professional-grade results from a coating that's e
  • EASY TO USE FORMULA: Get a durable ceramic coating without the need for a difficult professional application process. After cleaning and prepping the paint, simply spray, spread with a premium microfiber towel, and flip your towel for the final buff off t
  • EXCELLENT WATER BEADING ACTION: Not only do you get exceptional durability, but this ceramic protectant also delivers unbelievable water beading with increased slickness that makes maintaining and drying your paint a much easier process
  • CONSEALS LIGHT DEFECTS: One of the side benefits of this ceramic paint coating is that the surface doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. Spray on a section, spread with a microfiber, and buff off. The product will help conceal minor paint defects while i
  • SAFE ON OTHER SURFACES: While this cutting-edge car ceramic coating is formulated specifically for exterior glossy paint, it also works great on exterior plastic trim, decals, paint protection film (PPF), and wheels
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The proprietary technology in Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating allows the product to harden into a solid barrier, similar to pro-grade ceramic coatings. This cutting-edge formula allows you to get the benefits of ultra-durable protection that increases gloss and slickness with unbelievable water beading, but it doesn't require a complicated process to apply or remove. One of the benefits of this coating is that it will conceal light paint defects. However, to obtain the longest-lasting results, we recommend that your paint is in excellent condition before applying. Doing a full paint correction process (clay bar, compound, and polish) beforehand will ensure that you get the best bond, best performance, and best durability. The process is easy. Simply spray this coating directly onto the surface in a section. Then, spread with a premium microfiber towel. Once you see it "flash" off, wipe it with a separate premium microfiber. With Ultimate Ceramic Coating, you get a premium ceramic car coating but don't have to worry about being a certified or a trained installer to apply it properly. Anyone can use it with its easy application and easy wipe-off.

Just like with any coating or protectant, maintenance will play a key factor in maximizing exceptional performance. Frequent car washing with a pH-balanced car wash soap using the two-bucket method and premium accessories is recommended. Also, consider using a spray detailer such as Ultimate Quik Detailer or Hybrid Ceramic Detailer as often as desired. If you're looking for ultra-durable ceramic protection that delivers similar results to pro-grade ceramic coatings but is extremely easy to use, look to Ultimate Ceramic Coating!

Not recommended for matte or satin finishes as it may add unwanted gloss.

SKU G240108
UPC 070382017552
Manufacturer Meguiar's
Product Line Ultimate
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