Rotary Soft Backing Plate

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Product Description

Meguiar's rotary soft backing plate is designed to be used with our 7" & 8" Soft Buff™ rotary pads. The soft one-piece molded construction safely contours to curves and body lines resulting in a more forgiving polishing experience with less swirl marks. The quick hook & loop attachment system easily self-centers the rotary foam pads for excellent balance performance, while distributing even pressure for a smoother buffing application. Can be attached to all rotary polishers with a 5/8" diameter shaft.

  • Designed for 7" & 8" Soft Buff™ rotary pads
  • Safely contours to curves and body lines
  • Distributes pressure for smoother buffing
  • More forgiving, less swirls, long lasting, one-piece molded construction
  • Fits all rotary polishers with 5/8" diameter shaft