DA Ultimate Car Kit 5"

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Product Description

Meguiar's Dual Action Polisher kit puts professional strength right into your hands. Designed for and by the pros, these components allow you to compound, polish, and wax over large, flat surfaces and narrow contours to give your car a smooth, high-quality look. Along with the basics for operation and control, three 5" pads cover polishing, cutting, and finishing, multiple cleaners assist with adding protection and removing surface defects, and microfiber towels make application more efficient.

Kit includes:

  • MT300 – Professional DA Polisher
  • DBP5 – DA Backing Plate - 5"
  • DFP5 – Soft Buff DA Foam Polishing Disc - 5"
  • DFC5 – Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting Disc - 5"
  • DFF5 – Soft Buff DA Foam Finishing Disc - 5"
  • G17216 – Ultimate Compound
  • G18216 – Ultimate Wax Liquid
  • G19216 – Ultimate Polish
  • X2020 – Supreme Shine® Microfiber Towel - 3-Pack